Porsche Win In Buenos Aires Inspires An Artistic Career

Formula 1 Art Quote from Artist Juan Carlos Ferrigno:

“The stage was Buenos Aires and the year was 1971. I was 11 years old and my Father had brought me for the first time to witness the most spectacular sport on earth – motor racing. The all-powerful Porsche 917s and Ferrari 512s, the Matras and the Alfas created such a drama of noise, speed and colour, that my life was changed forever.  On that day I decided I wanted to paint racing cars. 

Derek Bell and Jo Siffert’s Porsche 917, won that first race. How could I have known then that Derek’s Managers, Christine and David Mills, would in turn manage my career as an artist?” 

In 2005 Juan Carlos painted his interpretation of that unforgettable day as a tribute to David who sadly passed away in 2002. 

Derek BellQuote from 5 Times Winner of Le Mans and Double World Sports Car Champion Driver Derek Bell MBE:

“Juan’s enthusiasm for motor sport and his passion for art is equally matched by mine for driving those magnificent machines. Being involved with David and Christine for so many years encouraged my love of art.  As a judge in their 1996 International Art Competition I recognised an outstanding talent in Juan and was thrilled when he won and subsequently came under their management. His instinctive interpretation of the sport is second to none.” 

Pictured above: Derek Bell MBE signing the prints.

Note: This original has been produced as a Giclee print taken from the original painting by Juan Carlos Ferrigno. Each Giclee is individually hand signed by Derek Bell MBE.

Winning Porsche 917K driven by Derek Bell and Jo Siffert alongside the Ferrari 512S driven by Sam Posey and Garcia Veiga.  Canvas size: 28” x 22”

PRICE: £350