Motor Racing Art & Music Artist Juan Carlos Ferrigno – Interview Part 2

Juan Carlos Ferrigno

‘Special Series 2’ Original by Juan Carlos Ferrigno: £3,250

As you may already know, over the coming weeks we’ll be featuring an interview series with Motor Racing Art and Music Artist Juan Carlos Ferrigno, aiming to give you a little insight into the paintings of this renowned artist, whose works are admired and much sought after around the globe. Here’s Part 2 of the interview series…

Juan – have any other artists influenced you during your career? Can you name them and tell us a little about this?

“I was always very passionate about art and my parents used to take me to exhibitions – I liked just sitting and looking at the paintings. In some way I was recording details, colours, etc.

When I was a child I learned [drawing/painting] by myself, but a milestone for me was to start working in that magical studio, ‘Bergandi & Cademartori’, in Buenos Aires at 19 years old.

There were 3 artists working in the studio for the advertising industry and magazines, creating amazing paintings, and they were my teachers. Hector Bergandi, Jorge García and Hector Cademartori were famous for their art, which people admired in magazines such as Corsa, the most prestigious magazine of racing cars in Argentina. They were so friendly and such good teachers during the daily work, giving me advice about how to paint, and I also remember spending time just watching them painting.

Jorge was particularly patient with me when I was trying the ‘hard way’ with brushes, and I learned a lot from him – he was in charge of my training every day. Little by little I was taking more responsibility as I improved, and that was a most important time in my career, the real base of my learning.

Jordan Team by JCF

‘Jordan Team’ Secondary Market Print by Juan Carlos Ferrigno: £250

Years later a teacher of the Fine Arts School showed me a wider view of painting, she opened my mind to different styles and was a definitive influence. In the meantime I was going to many exhibitions of artists I particularly liked, nothing to do with racing cars, but I always found something in those paintings; the colours, the compositions, anything that I could incorporate into to my own work.

In motor racing art I was fascinated first by Michael Turner’s work, and later by Dexter Brown, my favourite. I also admire a lot the work of my first teacher Jorge García for his care and detail. My style now is so different to his, but maybe he was my greatest teacher.

Years later I met Christine [Owner of Pole Position Gallery] and David Mills, they were not teachers but they were able to place and raise awareness of my paintings in the international field, and helped my career enormously. In art sometimes it is as important to do it well, as to find a Manager who can place your work into the more prestigious market. This was also so important for my career.”


Top right right is Juan’s Original painting of Jackie Stewart in the Tyrrell 001J ‘Special Series 2’ – this work is available to purchase through the Gallery priced at £3,250
Canvas Size 43″ x 20″ (110cm x 50cm)

Bottom right is a 500 Edition Secondary Market Print by Juan entitled ‘Jordan Team’, which has been individually hand signed by Eddie Jordan, Ralf Shumacher and Giancarlo Fisichella. This Print features the Jordan-Peugeot 197 cars in the 1997 Formula One Grand Prix Season.

This rare Print is available to purchase through the Gallery priced at £250
Dimensions 23¼” x 20½” (59cm x 52cm)

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Part 3 of our interview series with Juan will be coming soon.