Motor Racing Art & Music Artist Juan Carlos Ferrigno – Interview Part 3

Juan and Christine

Juan and Christine

As you may  know, over the coming months we’re featuring an interview series with Motor Racing Art and Music Artist Juan Carlos Ferrigno, aiming to give you a little insight into the paintings of this renowned artist, whose works are admired and much sought after around the globe. Here’s Part 3 of the interview series…

Which one of your paintings are you most proud of, or is there one that’s your own personal favourite?  Can you name this painting and tell us why?

“Any painter has his favourite paintings, because of the moment you made it, because of the item painted, because it was successful. I personally love all my paintings as I tried my best on each of them, and each was a ‘step’ on my learning pathway.

So I have lots of favourite paintings, but the ones that stand out are those that gave me the most satisfaction and were painted during a special time in my career.

The first one was ‘Fangio and Alfa Romeo’, and thanks to this painting, I won an international competition and more importantly, I met David and Christine Mills, and from then on as you know, they became my Managers, helping to put my work ‘on top’, particularly in the United Kingdom. You can see this painting below left, and it being held by the judges of the competition right, which include far left Stirling Moss, third in from left Chris Rea, 4th in Murray Walker, then 5th Derek Bell, and to the left of the painting HRH Prince Michael of Kent GVCO with David Mills behind him.

Fangio and Alfa Romeo by Juan Carlos Ferrigno    Juan Carlos Ferrigno international competition win

Porsche 917 Attwood Herman 1970, is a painting about the legendary Porsche 917, in this case the winning car of the 1970 Le Mans 24 Hours race. At that time I just was 10 years old, but from then on this race became of particular interest to me – as a child I was fascinated to think that when I was sleeping, those drivers were racing all night long. This car is my favourite racing car ever, and the Le Mans 24 Hour race, my favourite race, hence why I created the painting, depicting that car in that particular year.

Juan Carlos Ferringo Art

‘Porsche 917 Attwood Herman 1970’

Another favourite is ‘Bentley Garage Scene’, which features a garage containing a Bentley awaiting repair. I like the idea of painting different scenes of motor racing – giving an inner view of a garage you can show many things that normally you cannot see at a race track. I wanted to give the painting a silent atmosphere, with all the tools you would find in a place like this, and in the background a man working. With a painting, you can tell more of the story of what motor racing is all about.

Juan Carlos Ferrigno Art

‘Bentley Garage Scene’

‘Jordan Team’
 [featured in Part 2] is also important because it was the first time that I was asked to produce a set of Limited Edition Prints, this means that people like your work, and it was a huge boost for me personally, giving me a lot of extra confidence in my painting.

It makes me very proud when my paintings are chosen to be hung at historic locations, as is the case of my large painting depicting Mike Hawthorn (below left), and also the Jim Clark original (below right). They are both on display in the BRDC (British Racing Drivers Club) at Silverstone circuit. With the level of knowledge that these people have about motor racing, you can probably imagine what an honour it feels to have my paintings hung there.

Mike Hawthorn    Jim Clark by Juan Carlos Ferrigno

I’m also very proud when celebrities, great drivers or other important people from the motor racing Industry like and as a result, purchase one of my paintings.

For me, every painting is like a son, so I love them all…”

Featured Works Available for Sale at Pole Position Gallery

The Original painting of “Porsche 917 Attwood Herman 1970″ is for sale at Pole Position Gallery priced at £3,250.00

Dimensions 36″ x 28″ (93cm x 71cm) – Ref: JF/361

The Original painting of “Bentley Garage Scene” is for sale at Pole Position Gallery priced at £4,250.00

Dimensions 36″ x 28″ (92cm x 71cm) – Ref: JF/318

The rare 500 Edition Secondary Market Print of ‘Jordan Team’ is for sale at Pole Position Gallery priced at £250.00

This Print is individually hand signed by the ever stylish former F1 boss Eddie Jordan, Michael’s younger brother Ralf Shumacher, and Giancarlo Fisichella, aka ‘Fisico’ and features the Jordan-Peugeot 197 cars in the 1997 Formula One Grand Prix Season.

Dimensions 23¼” x 20½” (59cm x 52cm)

Part 4 of our interview series with Juan will be coming soon.

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NB: You may be interested to know that motor racing legends Sir Stirling Moss OBE and Derek Bell MBE are Patrons of Christine’s Charity, Hope for Tomorrow. You’ll recognise a few other names too including Ross Brawn OBE, Martin Brundle and Gloria Hunniford.