Motor Racing Art & Sport Artist Juan Carlos Ferrigno – Interview Part 5

Juan Painting at a Hope for Tomorrow Charity Polo Day

Juan Carlos Ferrigno painting Polo scenes at one of Hope for Tomorrow’s Annual Charity Polo Day’s

Over the last few months we’ve been featuring an interview series with Motor Racing Art, Sport Art and Music Artist Juan Carlos Ferrigno, aiming to give you a little insight into the paintings of this renowned artist, whose works are admired and much sought after around the globe. Here’s Part 5 of the interview series…

When you are not painting, what do you like to do with your spare time?

“Some people say that I’m painting all the time, it’s not true, but nearly…

Painting is my passion so I try to be painting as much as I can, not only because it’s my profession, but also because I enjoy it very much. It’s like training in a sport, you have to be fit and in constant contact with your tools, in this case, my colours and brushes.

But you also need to rest, to spend time relaxing with friends, and I particularly like playing tennis as a pastime. I also like photography in the city, with the aim of catching subjects that I might one day transform into a painting. Going to exhibitions is something I also like, keeping in touch with what other artists are doing. Cinema is another activity I enjoy, or simply reading a book, with my cats sleeping beside me, all of us just enjoying a calm time together.

I’m also very interested in Polo, “The sport of Kings” as it’s called. My interest in Polo started the first time I saw a Polo match live. I come from Argentina where Polo is so important and I had seen it many times, but on the television as opposed to going along to watch a match. The first Polo event I attended was hosted by Christine’s Mobile Chemotherapy Unit Charity Hope for Tomorrow  – this has since become an annual event for the Charity, but this event was their very first. Actually seeing the match ‘in the flesh’ made such an impression on me that I decided to paint Polo, and display these paintings at the Charity’s second Polo event the following year. Seeing a Polo match live is a exciting experience, and inspired me to consider what features motor racing and Polo have in common.

So I painted  “Polo White shirt” and “Polo Blue shirt”, they are quite big paintings and my aim was to show the viewer the power and strong feelings that I got from seeing my first live Polo match. And to an extent as mentioned, I worked in the same ‘spirit’ with which I paint my motor racing scenes. Polo is also full of action and speed, and there needs to be a huge understanding between the riders and their horses, in a very similar way to the motor racing drivers who need to have a ‘second nature’ understanding of their machines. It’s a combination that results in such powerful scenes. In the case of these two original paintings, most important for me was to leave the viewer with an impression of the action just as it took place, so details were not so important – I wanted to capture the moment just before and after the riders hit the ball.

I took a different approach for the painting entitled “Rivals in Polo”, this is a smaller original, and here I wanted to depict the ‘battle’ between two riders and their horses at top speed, which is how a Polo match tends to be played. For this painting, I wanted to include more detail to ‘enforce’ not only the bodies of the horses, but also how hard the riders were fighting side by side in this exciting battle, emphasising the power and action in the legs of the horses.

I don’t think I’m an addict to work, but if I didn’t paint for work, I would for sure paint for enjoyment – I know that I’m so lucky to work at what I enjoy.”

  JFATG56 Polo Blue Shirt Series 1 (4)polo31-72JFATG55 Polo White Shirt Series 1 (3)

Juan Carlos Ferrigno Logo

Above are a selection of Original paintings by Juan that feature Polo, ‘the sport of kings’. These amazing paintings reflect the speed involved in the game, and the physical exertion of the players and the Polo ponies. These highly attractive Original works are available to purchase from Pole Position Gallery, along with a selection of other Polo related pieces.

Original Paintings Featured Above:-

“Polo Blue Shirt” £3,250.00

“Rivals in Polo” £600.00

“Polo White Shirt” £3,250.00

Part 6, the final part of our interview series with Juan will be coming soon.

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NB: You may be interested to know that motor racing legends Sir Stirling Moss OBE and Derek Bell MBE are Patrons of Christine’s Charity, Hope for Tomorrow. You’ll recognise a few other names too including Ross Brawn OBE, Martin Brundle and Gloria Hunniford.

Interested in Polo? Then why not purchase some Day Passes for you, your family and friends, to attend Hope for Tomorrow’s very special 10th Charity Polo Day, which takes place within the beautiful grounds of the Beaufort Polo Club at Westonbirt in South Gloucestershire on Saturday 27th June. Day Passes are £10.00 pp, which will give you access to the ground, Clubhouse and parking from 12pm. Why not take along a picnic to enjoy before the action kicks off? For all the details, please visit the Hope for Tomorrow website.

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